10/100 Base-T , RJ45 (Cat.5)
21.5 x 14.5 x 9.0
50 x 38 x 36
15.0 (16.5 )


Download the latest WinRAR
Netility v5.1 (rar)
Netility v5.1 (zip)
FIXED: Bugs. 20th Oct, '17 3.54MB
Netility for MAC 8th Jun. '16 993KB


UIS-522*, UIS-523*, UIS-622b
3rd May, 2022 4.7MB

UIS-322b, UIS-323f, UIS-323g, UIS323i,
UIS323j, UIS323k and UIS-323e

19th Aug. '16 469KB

  • *[Fixed #0632]: Online FAQ display issue.
  • *[Fixed #0635]: Web > System Time > [Time Server] > [Edit] > [Back] button fixed.
  • *[Changed #0579]: RTC minor adjustment.
  • *Minor bug fixes.

For MNT.2127 ( 16th February, 2022);:
  • *[Fixed #0570]: Configuration > Network unable to [Save] settings.
  • *[Changed #0579]: Updated csrftoken security.
For MNT.2111 ( 18th November, 2021);:
  • *[Fixed #0400]: Unable to set ‘Detect unplugged LAN cable’ via APP.
  • *[Fixed #0426]: Cloud Link LED is shown Off, but Cloud access is working. LED will only turn on eventually.[mtusbr.211119]
  • *[Fixed #0438]: Schedule > Reset Every ## minutes stopped due to ‘day’ issue.[mtuspc.211126]
  • *[Fixed #0439]: messages.asp file fixes.
  • *[Fixed #0482]: Hardware version incorrectly displayed.[mtuspc.211126]
For MNT.1b18 ( 18th November, 2021);:
Patch MNT.1a28 / MNT.NB.1a28 / MNT.NBU.1a28
  • *[Fixed #0373]: Unable to save Schedules on Cloud4UIS & APP
  • *[Fixed #0383]: Unable to change Time Zone.
  • *[New #0007]: Support Cloud4UIS 'Reset All Outlets' function.
  • *[New #0041]: New Configuration > 'Advanced Settings' section.
  • *[New #0040]: 'Advanced Settings' > 'Remember Outlet State before blackout' function. [mtus3g.210703]
  • *[Changed #0190]: Outlet #1 to follow 'Power On Delay' after initialization.
  • *[Changed #0006]: API download link.
  • *[Changed #0221]: Help text for System Status > Cloud Status.
  • *[Changed #0226]: Help text for Timeout Settings
  • *[Changed #0008]: Help text for SMS. Other minor fixes.
  • *[Fixed #0009]: SMS telephone number displayed incorrectly.
  • *[Fixed #0162]: Patched vulnerability reported by Censys. [mtuscs.210723]
  • *[Fixed #0341]: '$' character unsupported in email password field. [mtus3g.211004]
  • *[Fixed #0342]: Unstable LAN connection, triggering 'Manual Off/On', instead of 'UIS On/Off'. [mtus3g.211005]
For MNT.Ac08 ( 28th Dec, 2020);:
  • *[Changed #1791]: Minor verbiage adjustment to improve clarity.
  • *[Fixed #1842]: All target site’s IP Address shows Gateway IP. [mtusen.Aa19]
  • *[Fixed #1842]: After upgrading to version Aa05, [Configuration] page is shown blank.[mtusmg.Ab08]
  • *[Fixed #1656]: [Fixed #1786]: [Status & Control] > [UIS Reset] set to On, but ‘Outlet icon’ shows status as ‘disabled’. [mtukah.Aa22].
  • *[Fixed #1784]: When wrong credential entered, page shows ‘Not Found’ instead of login page.
  • *[Fixed #1782]: Layout issue when viewed on mobile device.
For MNT.Aa05 ( 21st Oct, 2020);:
  • *[New #1653]: Support APIPA (Automatic Private IP Addressing).
  • *[Changed #1632]: Enhancement to device-server communication stability.
  • *[Fixed #1630]: Device not responding properly when online.
  • *[Fixed #1631]: API command for Outlet “Off > On” not working.
  • *[Fixed #1656]: [UIS Reset] did not execute according to saved changes made to [Configuration] > [Website / IP Address] > [Assign].
  • *[Fixed #1726]: Device unlinked from cloud account after a firmware upgrade.
  • *[Fixed #1743]: Port number setting when using Utility / Netility.
  • *[Fixed]: Layout and display issue when viewing GUI on mobile browser.
For MNT.A624 ( 24th June '20);:
  • *First time login (or after a Factory Reset) user needs to ‘Create a new Administrator account’. New Login & Password (Set between 1 to 32 characters. { } <> " ' ; $ not allowed).
  • *Implemented “Cross-Site Request Forgery” (CSRF) prevention. [@79368266]
  • *Implemented Cookie-Login method (related to #1556).
  • *New [Configuration] > [Timeout Settings] > [Detect unplugged LAN cable]. When [Enabled] ‘Auto Reset’ will be disabled if LAN cable is physically unplugged or there is no network signal in LAN. [re:usciA130]
  • *Updated [Timeout Settings] default settings and verbiage.

    Timeout for each website (TO): Default changed to 5sec
    The site ‘Timeout’ if it does not respond within the set time.
    Set Ping Frequency (F): Default changed to 10sec
    Determine when the next ping is sent after each group’s response or timeout.
    Number of Continuous Timeout Cycles (C): Default remains at 3x Number of continuous timeout cycles before UIS Reset is triggered.
    Ping Delay After UIS Reset (D): Default remains at 4min
    Set how long the device waits after an UIS Reset event before performing network checks.
    Number of UIS Reset (U): Default remains at 3x
    Set the number of UIS Reset attempts when internet connection is lost.
    Timeout calculations based on default settings:
    Each cycle duration = (TO x C) + (F x (C-1))
    1st UIS Reset: (5sec x 3)+(10sec x 2) = 35sec (max),
    2nd UIS Reset: (60sec x 4min) + 35sec = 275sec (max)
    ...(U)th UIS Reset

  • *Provided the device is ‘new’ and not ‘owned by cloud account’, user can [Add] device using [Add by Serial Number] function without enabling [Cloud Service] function.

    Once a device is successfully ‘Added’, the [Cloud Service] function will be automatically [Enabled].

    This function can only be attempted twice within each 3 minute cycle.
  • *[Web] > [Network] > [Hostname]; added clickable link.
  • *Reworded [Web] > [Network] > [Hostname] > [Help].
  • *[Web] > [Configuration] > [Website / IP Address] > text edited to state “Ping” & “HTTP”, previously “UDP” & “TCP”.
  • *Removed non-applicable [SMS] function from UIS-622b model.
  • *[Force UIS Reset] limited to a maximum of 4x resets. [Help] updated to read “Final: t3 + 10minutes”.
  • *Replaced non-responsive www.bing.com with www.pingler.com
  • *Icon on browser’s tab keeps showing as loading.
  • *Outlets Off, reset device to factory default. Outlets turn On, but no output. [re:mtusnt.A615]
  • *Fifth set of ‘Website / IP Address’ will revert to default ‘Gateway IP’ if system reboots.
  • *[Website / IP Address] setting in device GUI does not ‘save’ if changed thru Cloud4UIS or APP.
  • *Include [Logout] option when viewing GUI via mobile browser.
  • *Outlet’s LED status; on device, GUI and cloud, is different from actual after a settings restore.
  • *Fixed issue with email recipient that is 28 characters long. [re:mtusam.A404]
  • *Fixed [Set Ping Frequency] too large results in ping ‘Response Time’ showing blank.
  • *When DHCP Server’s IP range & DNS Server changes, device only update IP but retains old DNS Server info. [re:mtusciA325]
  • *Cloud4UIS / APP with 8 or more [Schedule] items will result in device not responding (shown as offline), but device GUI is normal.
  • *Device UI does not update [Number of UIS Reset] if set from Cloud4UIS.
  • *Enhance messages.asp file.
  • *Fixed email failures due to dashes “-“ in sender or username field.
  • *Ping site that has timeout not updated and showing last ‘responds time’.
  • *Fixed ‘Sign-in’ window display ‘hostname’ issue on Explorer, Edge & Firefox. Issue does not affect user on Chrome / Safari.
  • *Fixed ‘Cloud’ account becomes Offline (no deviceID) if older firmware are upgrade to .9905 version.
  • *Cloud failed to update [Reset Only] setting.

For MNT.9905 ( 28th Aug. '19);:
[Modified]: Modified Ping algorithm.
[Fixed]: “Function Button” > “Reset to Factory Default” inconsistent and could sometimes fail to fully RtFD.
[Fixed]: Ping Response Time not updated when offline.
[Correction]: Event Log entry corrected as “SMTP server or E-mail info incomplete”.
[New]: Event Log entry to show “Outlet 1 Auto On” followed by “Outlet 2 Auto On”, to indicate device has start up.

For MNT.9801 ( 24th Sep. '19);:
[Updated]: Enhancement to firmware upgrade - failure avoidance.
Download MNT.9731 Release Notes

For MNT.9319 ( 16th April '19);:

          For MNT.7323 ( 8th May '17);:

          For MNT.6927 ( 10th Oct. '16);:

          For MNT.6627 ( 4th Jul. '16);:

          For MNT.6503 ( 17th May '16);:

                For MNT.5326 ( 24th Sep. '15);:



                    For 2.40.MNS.6311 ( 17th Mar. '16);:

                            For 2.40.MNS.5430 ( 2nd Sep. '15);:
                            For 2.40.MNS.5106 ( 16th Jan. '15);:
                            For 2.40.MNS.4c29 ( 29th Dec. '14);:
                              For 2.40.MNS.3909 ( 9th Oct. '13);:
                                For 2.40.MNS.3314 ( 25th Mar. '13);:
                                  For 2.40.MNS.1b15 ( 5th Jan. '12);:
                                    For 2.40.MNS.S.1a04 ( 12th Oct, '11); 2.40.UIS.S.1a04:
                                      For 2.40.MNS.1214 ( 14th Feb. '11); 2.40.UIS.1214:
                                        For 2.40.MNS.0620 ( 15th Jul. '10); 2.40.UIS.0620:
                                          For 2.40.MNS.0318 ( 8th Apr. '10); 2.40.UIS.0318:
                                            For 2.40.MNS.0225 ( 10th Mar. '10); 2.40.UIS.0225:

                                              Privacy Policy

                                              Auto Rebooter does not access to your contacts, calendar, and email. Auto Rebooter neither stores nor shares your data in any way.

                                              Terms of Use ("Terms")

                                              Last updated: January 29, 2017

                                              Please read these Terms of Use ("Terms", "Terms of Use") carefully before using the Auto Rebooter.

                                              Your access to and use of the Service is conditioned on your acceptance of and compliance with these Terms. These Terms apply to all visitors, users and others who access or use the Service.

                                              By accessing or using the Service you agree to be bound by these Terms. If you disagree with any part of the terms then you may not access the Service.


                                              We may terminate or suspend access to our Service immediately, without prior notice or liability, for any reason whatsoever, including without limitation if you breach the Terms.

                                              All provisions of the Terms which by their nature should survive termination shall survive termination, including, without limitation, ownership provisions, warranty disclaimers, indemnity and limitations of liability.

                                              Governing Law

                                              These Terms shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of Taiwan, R.O.C, without regard to its conflict of law provisions.

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                                              Contact Us

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                                              FCC 0.37
                                              (0.47 )
                                              (Type B)
                                              (0.52 )
                                              Schuko shuttered
                                              (Type F, CEE 7/4, 7/17)
                                              TBD shuttered
                                              (Type G, BS1363, MS589, SS145)
                                              EZ-11k TBD
                                              (Type K, Section 107-2-D1)

                                              Input: 125~250V, 50/60Hz.
                                              Output: 10A
                                                10 Base-T, RJ45 (Cat. 5)
                                                  Android, iOS APP / IE / Java / Safari
                                                  HTTP, TCP/IP, UDP, Dynamic DNS, DNS Client, DHCP.
                                                  180 x 150 x 60 mm
                                                  790 x 390 x 340 mm ()


                                                  (ENG) (CHT) (CHS)
                                                  -- -- 17 Jun. '16 ENG(2MB) / CHT(3.4MB)

                                                  ENG=English, CHT=Chinese Traditional, CHS=Chinese Simplified

                                                  Download the latest WinRAR
                                                  Netility v5.1 (rar)
                                                  Netility v5.1 (zip)
                                                  FIXED: Bugs. 20th Oct, '17 3.54MB
                                                  Netility for MAC 12th Jan. '12 852KB

                                                  Privacy Policy

                                                  This Privacy Policy (“Policy”) applies to your use of ezOutlet on all platforms (the “Application” or “Applications”), the related services we provide (“Services”) and the Site.

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                                                  WHAT KIND OF INFORMATION WE COLLECT

                                                  a. Personal Information. We do not collect Personal Information. "Personal Information" is information that identifies you or another person, which may be transmitted or received when you use an Application, the Services and/or the Site. Personal Information includes your geographic location information, names, physical addresses, telephone, fax, SSN, information stored within your Device and other information you transmit or receive using an Application, the Service and/ or the Site which identifies you or another person.
                                                  b. Non-personal identification. We may collect non-personal identification information about Users whenever they interact with our apps. Non-personal identification information may include the type of your phone and technical information about Users means of connection to our apps, such as the versions of phone model and other similar information.
                                                  c. Session and Usage Data. "Session and Usage Data" is information about your use of an Application, the Services and/or the Site and includes, without limitation, connection and service-related data submitted to us through your use of an Application, the Services or the Site. Session and Usage Data includes information relating to the connection request, server communication and data sharing, including network measurements, quality of service, and date, time and location of the bump. Please note that Session and Usage Data does not include any Personal Information nor does it include Content you may transmit or share through the use of an Application (such as photos, contacts, calendar appointments, etc.), the Services, or the Site.

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                                                  HOW YOUR INFORMATION MAY BE DISCLOSED

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